About Us

From Humble

Chicken Khurana started small but dreamt big, and now we're cooking up a storm in Calgary's culinary scene. Our journey is like a Bollywood blockbuster – drama, suspense, and a whole lot of flavour. What began as a humble idea has evolved into a foodie's paradise, where every bite is a ticket to an exotic flavour fiesta.

Calgary, get ready to embark on a taste adventure! Our dishes are a tour of India's flavours, each one spicier and more exciting than the last. We've blended tradition with innovation to create a menu that's as diverse as it is delicious.

Chicken Khurana isn't just a restaurant; it's a flavour-packed journey that invites you to be part of our sweet and spicy story. Join us in Calgary, come for the food, stay for the fun, and let's spice up your life together!

Our Love for Food

Join us at Chicken Khurana, where food isn't just nutrition; it's an expression of love, a celebration of community, and a journey of culinary delight.

About the Chef
Manoj Khurana

Meet our culinary maestro! With experience that's been sizzling since 2001, our chef brings the heat to the kitchen. Armed with a diploma from the National Council of HM & T and training from the illustrious Taj, Manoj is not just cooking; he’s crafting culinary masterpieces. Our chefs' expertise knows no bounds; they've teamed up with national-level suppliers and worked for giants like McD, Dominos, and Papa John's, across India to satisfy taste buds.

But that's not all, Manoj has lent his magic to high-end premium restaurants, making dining dreams come true. And when the culinary journey crossed borders, it ventured into Canada, where it joined forces with Compass Group and Aramark Group.

Mr. Khurana isn't just stirring pots; he’s stirring up culinary revolutions!


Every day, our mission is to bake happiness just for you. With each bite, we aim to whisk you away on a journey filled with sweet moments, relieving the stresses of everyday life.

Our bakery is a magical haven where we treat your needs as our own, meticulously blending the perfect combination of ingredients to craft the ideal sweet treats for you. We take pride in our daily creations, offering unique and delightful baked goods that stand apart from yesterday's temptations. Our expertise lies in tending to your desires as if they were our own, ensuring your cravings are not just met but exceeded.